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I was super impressed with the whole experience, Stuart called me up and gave me allot of one on one attention in helping me form my message. He then did the edits and put together a wonderful art piece I presented to my spouse for his birthday, he was really moved !

Dawn San Francisco , CA

I had a really great experience working with Stuart on this, my mom cried when she opened the portrait and was able to playback the audio of me and my two sisters giving gratitude for all she has done for us. It was moving.

Susan Vancouver, BC

I wanted to do something special for our first year anniversary and then I found this website, I sent over the audio of our wedding vows and Stuart mixed them with some of my thoughts about our first year and then putting this a picture I picked out. It was the perfect gift that captured how I felt.

Steve Toronto, Ont

Stuart Richardson

I have always been an activist, I have found my passion in community radio amplifying and creating spaces where voices can be heard and imagination can be acted upon by building communities of interest. I have been co-producing a show called Latin Waves Media over the last decade and will continue to do so, my background is in communications and Sustainable Community Development which interplays nicely with my media work. I just completed an MA in Liberal studies which challenged me to look at social change in a more nuanced way, what are the best ways we can contribute to heal a broken divided world.

Investigating how our current ideas and beliefs are heavily influenced  both good and bad  by past events caused me to think about the power of memory, of our ability to Remember to Remember. This process caused my own introspection which is why I started the Living Memory Project, it is my belief that through memory we can recover a sense of self awareness and a sacred honouring of  place. My hope is that we come to know we are a single whole with each other and nature, when we hurt nature we hurt ourselves.

I am fascinated by how institutional myths  affect our attitudes and behaviours, how our digital lives can be a source of personal and societal liberation if used effectively.


Join the Conversation Podcast

Fitness for the People

 Host Stuart Richardson speaks to Zack Froese founder of MetamorrepHIIT, a free Fitness program for all ages once per week (every week) that has grown to quite a community gathering.  How people can get some fresh air, meet new people and get in shape.  It happens every Tuesday at Parkland Elementary School , Coquitlam, BC […]

Arriving at Oneness Through Food

Journalist  Sylvia Richardson interviews Wayne Roberts on how traditional customs around food can bridge division in our society. There is a growing understanding of the importance of a “whole of government” approach and an inclusive “whole of society” perspective on the world. To that, Dr. Wayne Roberts add a “whole of economy,” a “whole of […]

Conversation with Svend Robinson about his political return

During the more than 25 years that Svend Robinson represented the people of Burnaby in Parliament, he gained a reputation for being one of most hard working and effective MP’s in Canada’s history. After a 12 yr break Svend is going to run for a seat in Burnaby North Seymour representing the NDP. Host Stuart […]

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