Educational Opportunities

I am fascinated by how our built environments affect our attitudes and behaviours, how our digital lives can be a source of personal and societal liberation if used effectively. My pedagogy is grounded in experiential learning, how we can reclaim education as a living embodied experience that builds agency in students through practice.

Teaching Focus

Occupy the Media  - Digital Produces are changing the channel

This entry level course examines the academic and citizen responsibilities within the academy and the digital world in which we live. The course will offer a mix of digital hands on production combined with academic lectures on the importance of representation and  cultural protocols. You will become an effective cultural producer via creating your own digital platform, understand the importance of learning copyright combined with other ethical and legal considerations of production.

Successful students will obtain the knowledge and a sense of agency that will enhance their personal and professional careers.

Digital Testimony Journey - Stepping Back into the Future 

What are the best ways we can contribute to heal a broken divided world. Investigating how our current ideas and beliefs are heavily influenced   by past events caused me to think about the power of memory, of our ability to Remember to Remember. How oral testimony and the power of stories can help navigate our own positionally and intersectionality within this digital age, how learning the tools of the past can help us navigate a better future. 

Ecological Communications - Digital Age

Producing media has allowed me the platform and opportunity to educate a large audience about the need for social, environmental and economic justice. I have been asked to present at many media conferences and within my academic journey, my focus has been to promote agency and democratic change through the independent media movement.

Current students will have to navigate a future that is rapidly changing and uncertain, our future public academics will have to navigate a digital landscape in order to have their ideas enter the arena of public debate. In a world with so much noise and bad information I intend to share my experiences and skills to give the students the basic tools necessary to have a digital platform where they can share their work in a thoughtful and academically grounded way. We cannot have sound logical debate within the same paradigm of communications that created this ecological crisis we face, 


I have developed curriculum for these courses that I teach on a freelance basis, if you have any questions  please  free to reach out Contact Me Here