Living Memory Project

Living Memory Project

Every place has a unique story that shapes the people who lived their, we remember our parents warning us not to forget where we came from as they know having a busy life in a rapidly changing world can alter our beliefs in profound ways. High real estate prices create rapid transformations in our communities as older homes are demolished for townhouses and condos and family businesses are pushed out for chain stores. This is not simply nostalgia for the past but a desperate struggle to connect to personal roots in the community when they are rapidly disappearing. What happens when you return and that place does not exist anymore and more importantly what happens when no one is left to tell that unique story. The struggles and histories and defining moments that embed meaning into the place will disappear under the name of "progress" unless we fight to preserve that past which has such intrinsic value , do our children and grandchildren and generations that follow us have a right to that rich experience. The Living Memory Project helps us rediscover the places and people that have shaped our lived environments.

How the process works

How the Process Works

Step one - I  will record  personal testimonies of events and histories important to the client.

Step Two - I then edit the audio perhaps mixing in sound effects , I replay the audio with the client to approve each recording. Then I secure the recordings in the clients server (if one is not set up I can set one up, first year is included then its around $10 a month moving forward)

Step Three - We collect one digital photo per recording (if digital is not available I can scan an existing photo)

Step Four -  Once all this is done we post it online on the clients webpage as a permanent feature, we list on all podcast directories and engage in social media, press releases etc. This will attract the attention of locals and tourist worldwide , it is a modern way to display  heritage and very sexy for the younger generation. When people can easily explore the rich history of a place they naturally develop a curiosity about visiting that place.

Step Five - We also promote the project permanently on this website giving people the info they need to visit. We will promote using  social media and our podcast Conscious Landscapes as well as our network of over 50 radio stations.


Optional Gallery - For an additional fee we can create  physical art pieces for display,  I can have the digital photos printed onto a canvas, have a small QR code printed on each that links to the audio. This can be done via any cell phone, the only requirement is that the gallery/hall  have free WIFI for patrons.


Each Memory project will be unique to the client, we can work together to tailor a project that suits your needs. You will find that investing in local culture will build a sense of community pride and bring a ten fold return on investment.

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