I grew up in the  blue collar industrial town of Sarnia Ontario, I witnessed  how hard the people worked and the cost that was born to their health  and our natural environment. Our small town was mostly invisible in the national discourse and certainly had no hand in the passing of policy or laws, most Canadians don’t know that Sarnia is home to over 60 refineries and chemical plants that produce gasoline , synthetic rubbers and other materials that industries require in the production of the products we know and love. I have wonderful childhood memories due to close community bonds and the natural places that have been preserved that I frequented. I left home at a young age determined to make a  positive impact on society while never forgetting where I came from, these early experiences and struggling against difficult economic realities in my own life has informed who I am and my educational focus.

My educational background includes a BA in Communications with a focus on First Nations and Labor studies, I also have a  Certification in Sustainable Community Development. My MA in Liberal Studies led me to an intersection of my ideas and work with the creation of  The Living Testimony Project which combines media and memory in an effect to create positive change through embodied experiences.